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Gnocchi Dokie!

Alright Patty Cake,

This is a little Gnocchi I threw together one day and then froze and am still eating occasionally, when the mood strikes me or usually when I’m too tired to make anything else.

So for the Gnocchi themselves you’ll need:

One and One half of a pound of Sweet potato

One half of a pound of Squash (I used half an acorn squash, scooped of seeds of course)

12 Ounces of Ricotta Cheese

3 Ounces of Parmesean Cheese

About three cups of White All Purpose Flour

2 eggs lightly beaten

Fresh cracked pepper

Fresh ground nutmeg

2 Teaspoons of finely ground salt.

So making these little guys is all sorts of simple.

First put your Sweet Potatoes and Squash (you could use delicata or butternut if you’d like) in a steamer. Steam them to mush.

Let them cool completely then press them through a ricer or pull their skins off and mash them with a  potato masher or the back of large spoon if you are really home Ghettonomic. 

Next mix in your eggs, then your cheeses, then your salt, pepper, and grind about an eighth of a nutmeg into the mix, easy does it. Just enough for it to be fragrant. If you are using a pre-ground nutmeg just about a quarter of a teaspoon would be plenty.

Now little by little add in your flour mixing it with your hands. 

It should stick together in a large mound, and have the consistency of soft fluffy play dough.

Then sprinkle extra flour on your work surface and start rolling it out into a long, play dough snake. 

Then cut them into cute little pillows. Bite sized.

Then use a fork to poke each of them in the belly. This is so that they will cook through.

Next boil a pot of water. A huge one. Add enough salt that it tastes like sea water.

Drop your little gnocchi in so that they aren’t over crowded. When they are done cooking they will float to the top and you can skim them off. Drain them on the side you can use a colander or a cookie cooling tray. Then put them on a baking sheet lined with wax paper, or heavily butter/oiled and freeze them and transfer to plastic freezer bags so safe keeping until you need them.

You may want to save a little bowl of them on the side for the evening. 

If you do can skip the step of boiling them again, and go straight to searing them.

To prepare them this way you will need:


Whole Sage leaves

So one variation of this recipe is what I have a picture of , you just foam* your butter (About a tablespoon and you drop in a sage leaf or two.) Let it warm up for just a moment then you drop in your gnocchi (10-15 pieces), let them sear just until they are crispy on the outside. Your taste buds will thank you. 

Then there is another way 

To prepare them this way you will need:



Pistachio Encrusted Gnocchi

Again have your thawed gnocchi ready, and foam about a tablespoon of butter and throw in your gnocchi (10-15 pieces) toss in about five or six chopped pistachios. They will stick to the sticky outsides of the gnocchi and make a delicious crust. 

No matter which way you prepare them serve them with a little bit of greens on the side with fresh cracked pepper.

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